Ventum – High-Efficiency Counter-Flow Core H/ERV

Ventum H Iso

Optional Bypass Section

High-efficiency Counter-flow Core Heat Exchanger

MERV13 Filter (OA)

Factory Mounted Controls

1" Double Walled Mineral or Rockwool Filled Casing

Mounting Bracket


MERV8 Filter (RA)

Energy Efficient

Ventum features variable speed plenum ECM direct-driven fans with low energy consumption and insulated panels for a high-efficiency solution. The counter-flow core allows for high sensible and latent energy recovery with no moving parts or cross-contamination. The internal bypass option allows for free cooling during shoulder seasons.

Optimizing Building Health

Ventum uses 100% outside air with no recirculation. The counter-flow core is made of a polymer membrane with no virus cross-over: tested under ASTM F1671. The units ship with MERV13 filters for outside air and MERV8 filters for return air.

All Electric

Ventum is an all-electric ventilation solution that helps to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, while bringing 100% fresh outside air into the space. Ventum integrates with Daikin's VRV Outdoor Unit for temperature and humidity control year round.

Intelligent Controls

Intelligent controls can integrate seamlessly with BMS or operate independently with over 75 built-in control functions including discharge air temperature and humidity control, weekly schedules, economizer and dirty filter alarms.

Low Profile

Ventum units have a 18 – 32” depth and 325 – 3000 cfm range. The unit free up valuable mechanical room and/or roof space with decentralized indoor ventilation, and add floor space by eliminating vertical duct runs.

Achieving Very High Efficiencies

Ventum is included in the NEEA Very High-Efficiency DOAS for Commercial Buildings: System Requirements and Recommendations directory. The System Requirements and Recommendations Summary provides manufacturers, designers, and installers of very high efficiency DOAS systems with performance requirements and guidance for application in the Pacific Northwest climate zones. 

In commercial buildings, outdated or inefficient HVAC systems waste a staggering amount of energy and money, while also creating unhealthy and uncomfortable indoor environments. However, research and field studies have proven there’s an optimal approach to HVAC design that can significantly improve indoor air quality and occupant health, comfort and productivity, while maximizing energy-cost savings. Learn how this optimized, high-performance approach to HVAC combines high-efficiency equipment with design best practices to make widespread commercial HVAC deficiencies a thing of the past.

In the Field

Ceiling mounted for social housing

Integrated with enVerid HLR and VRV

Inset in drop ceiling


Commercial Door Options

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