Our Story

We are innovators; passionate about indoor air quality and energy-efficient technology. 
With a history of problem solving through entrepreneurship, creativity and green technology, Oxygen8 is proud to introduce a series of smart solutions that help create comfortable indoor environments. We help people live, work, and play in a sustainable way.

Our ventilation solutions provide 100% fresh, filtered outside air to building occupants. Our product lines include high-efficiency energy-recovery, MERV-13 filtration and integration with Daikin VRV heat-pump technology for heating and cooling.

Our Journey

Jun 2019
Oxygen8 Incorporates
Jan 2020
First Nova ERV Prototype Built
Feb 2020
VRV Integration Capabilities Established
Jun 2020
Manufacturing Representative Partners Established
Jul 2020
First Purchase Order!
Apr 2021
Nova Outdoor is Launched
Aug 2021
Ventum is Launched
Sept 2021
Commercial Production Moves to British Columbia
Oct 2021
Residential Products are Launched
Dec 2021
100th Unit is Assembled!
Jan 2022
The #FreshAirVan Starts USA Tour
Mar 2022
200th Purchase Order
Apr 2022
Oxygen8 Offers AIA Credits
Jun 2022
BC Tech TIA Finalist
Oct 2022
Terra is Launched
Nov 2022
Ventum Lite is Launched
Feb 2023
#FreshAirTruck Hits the Road
Apr 2023
Ventum+ is Launched
Jun 2023
Move to the Fresh Air Factory

Why We Do What We Do

To Create Healthy Indoor Environments

People are getting sick while spending their times indoors due to the recirculation of air without proper filtration and humidity control. To improve indoor environments and prevent the transmission of airborne contaminants, HVAC systems should provide fresh outdoor air, eliminate recirculation, use high MERV filtration, and fixed-plate ERV technology to control humidity and lower cross-contamination between airstreams.

To Move Toward Building Electrification

To reduce greenhouse gases, many North American cities are moving toward net-zero energy over the next decade, which will drive demand for all-electric HVAC systems and low energy technologies. Oxygen8 is here to meet that demand with our all-electric heating and cooling solutions.

For Better Building Design

As building design becomes more insulated and air-tight, the need for energy efficient cooling becomes ever more important. Cooling with fixed-plate energy recovery and VRV integration helps to reduce energy consumption while meeting ventilation requirements.

Meet Our Team


James Dean
Founder and CEO

Todd Pfahl
Director of Sales

Brian Stinnett
Regional Sales Manager

Johnnie Allan
Regional Sales Manager

Erdem Kokgil
Applications Engineering

Haleigh Longo
Applications Engineering

Melody Lemaire
Applications Engineering

Svetlana Nikolaeva
Applications Engineering

Denis Dimaunahan
Applications Engineering

Andrew Vaz
Project Manager


Katrina Koszorek
Marketing Manager

Tim Wearing
Creative Producer

Administration and Finance

Dorothy Bootle
Director of Business Operations

John Kim
Director of People and Culture

Lia Palumbo
Director of Finance

Ana Targueta

Kate Tian
Jr. Accountant

Research and Development

Steve Lancefield
Product Manager

Nemi Shah
Product Manager – Software

David Newton
Product Development Manager

Laura Kennell-Webb
Product Development Designer

John Kim
Product Development Designer

Ethan Quisias
Product Development Designer

Jeferson Wiebusch
Mechanical Designer

Enoa Stueber
Mechanical & Materials Engineer

Alex Sanchez
Controls/Commissioning Lead

Jacob Jung
Controls Engineer

Omar Alkhatib
Commissioning Engineer

Kinseng Cheng
Jr. Controls Engineer


Matthew Doherty
VP of Engineering

Petr Mikula
Manufacturing Engineer

Sean Murphy
Manufacturing Engineer

Ruairi Conway
Manufacturing Engineer

Jake Kalina
Production & Fulfillment Engineer

Phoebe Liu
Supply Chain Specialist

Naira Thomas

Steve Whitlow
Production Planner

Bryan Abueva
Production Supervisor

Jeffery Belado

Seungjin Lee
Material Handler

Evan Walker
Material Handler

Moises Mejia
Material Handler

Lawrence Collins
Warehouse Assistant

Jithin Cheran
Lead Assembler

Matthias Demo
Lead Assembler

Trixie Miranda
End of Line Testing

Josh Lucero
End of Line Testing

Marvin Acapulco

Paul Freeman

David Hansen

Alden Araneta

Tamirat Belete

Charley Tian

Winnerfredo Cruz

Aron Abai

Kevin Miranda

Andrei Nobleza

Jemreal Alcaraz

Sumit Singh

Alam Talib

Patrick Sandhu

John Halliburton

Jaye Nguyen

Gary Walsh

Amin Elsafi

Mark Mcilvanna

Alex Moroz

John Esguerra