Our Story

Oxygen8 Team

We are innovators. With a history of problem solving through entrepreneurship, creativity and green technology, Oxygen8 is proud to introduce a series of smart solutions that help create comfortable indoor environments. We help people live, work, and play in a sustainable way.

We are passionate about indoor air quality and energy-efficient technology. Our ventilation solutions provide 100% fresh, filtered outside air to building occupants. Our product lines include high-efficiency energy-recovery, MERV-13 filtration and integration with Daikin VRV heat-pump technology for heating and cooling.

Why We Do What We Do

To Create Healthy Indoor Environments. People are getting sick while spending their times indoors due to the recirculation of air without proper filtration and humidity control. To improve indoor environments and prevent the transmission of airborne contaminants, HVAC systems should provide fresh outdoor air, eliminate recirculation, use high MERV filtration and fixed-plate ERV technology to control humidity and lower cross contamination between airstreams.

The Move Toward Building Electrification. To reduce greenhouse gases, many North American cities are moving toward net-zero energy over the next decade, which will drive demand for all-electric HVAC systems and low energy technologies. Oxygen8 is here to meet that demand with our all-electric heating and cooling solutions.

For Better Building Design. As building design becomes more insulated and air-tight, the need for energy efficient cooling becomes ever more important. Cooling with fixed-plate energy recovery and VRV integration helps to reduce energy consumption while meeting ventilation requirements.

Meet Our Team

James is a clean-tech entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, product development, healthy buildings and sustainability. He has a BaSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario. Equally committed to the environment in his personal life, James recently built West Vancouver’s first net-zero energy Passive House.

James Dean

Founder & CEO
E james@oxygen8.ca

Matt has a passion for sustainable technology in the mechanical industry with expertise in carbon-neutral HVAC product design, and the development of systems that support a healthier living environments through improved Indoor Air Quality. Matt leads Oxygen8’s product development and oversees manufacturing operations, maintains on-time product delivery and quality control.

Matthew Doherty

Founder & VP Operations

Dorothy is a results-driven professional with a passion for finding solutions leading to a sustainable future through technology adoption, social good, and environmental sustainability. She earned her Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia, and has since devoted her energy and time to the field of sustainability, developing her skills in clean-technology adoption and client relations.

Dorothy Bootle

Director of Business Operations

Erdem has over 10 years experience in the application design and product management of HVAC systems including DOAS, H/ERV, chilled beams, VAV systems, air distribution devices and radiant panels. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey and a Master’s Applied Science Degree in Building Engineering from Concordia University, with a focus on HVAC systems. Erdem is a LEED Accredited Professional and Certified Passive House Consultant with the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS).

Erdem Kokgil

Application Engineering Manager

A problem solver by nature, Todd brings his strong technical and business backgrounds, experience in the HVAC industry - most recently with Johnson Controls Inc. and Trox, paired with his committed customer focus to the Oxygen8 team. He is looking forward to developing meaningful and lasting relationships with our Sales Partners. Outside of work, Todd enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing tennis, running and enjoying the outdoors.

Todd Pfahl

Regional Sales Manager 
& Director of Sales

Brian is an experienced HVAC Sales Executive with over 20 years experience in the industry. He has joined Oxygen8 as Regional Sales Manager responsible for the Midwest and Southwest. Brian attained his Mechanical Engineering degree from Oregon State University and MBA in Technology Commercialization and Finance from NC State University. Outside of work, Brian enjoys the outdoors with his family.

Brian Stinnett

Regional Sales Manager

Katrina has a passion for environmental sustainability, healthy living and indoor environments and customer experience. With a background in Marketing, Events and Graphic Design, she brings her experience with communications, marketing campaigns and industry events to the Oxygen8 team.

Katrina Koszorek

Marketing Manager

Johnnie is a customer-oriented and passionate individual who works to provide valuable education about the Oxygen8 smart solutions and applications. A graduate of the University of Calgary, Johnnie earned his Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in Finance. Johnnie is passionate about a clean-technology future for the generations ahead to thrive and learn in a sustainable environment.

Johnnie Allan

Application Engineering

Originally from Venezuela, Ciro began his career in the HVAC industry in 2016 and has experience in Application Engineering, HVAC Sales and Mechanical Design for commercial and residential buildings in Canada. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Carleton University in Ottawa. Ciro is a firm advocate of Indoor Air Quality and enjoys mechanical design with high quality and innovative technology solutions. Outside of work, he loves playing outdoor sports such as soccer and tennis.

Ciro Anez

Application Engineering

Andrew graduated with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology and has a combined 20 years experience in Sales and Project Management in the HVAC industry. His attention to detail, organization and customer satisfaction has enabled him to be successful. Andrew looks forward to bringing his unique skills to the Oxygen8 team.

Andrew Vaz

Project Manager

Eric has experience with sales, business and engineering projects and a drive to problem-solve, multitask and develop new skills. In April 2021, he will be graduating from the Civil Engineering program at the University of British Columbia. Outside of work, Eric loves playing rugby, volleyball and soccer, and also enjoys hiking and martial arts.

Eric Hebbard

Application Engineering &
Business Analyst

Kirsten is a CPA, Chartered Accountant who has over 25 years experience providing Strategic, Financial, Operational and Financing guidance to high-growth entrepreneurial companies. Kirsten specialized in Technology and Bio-Technology industries with extensive experience in Manufacturing & Operations. She has managed large Financing in both Private and Public sectors, IPO's and negotiated M&A's.

Kirsten Schwarz

Ana has worked in the financial field for the past 10 years, developing all activities inherent to the position. With several years of experience using different accounting platforms, her strongest attributes are her excellent team work skills, trustworthiness, organization, problem solving skills and intellectual curiosity.

Ana Targueta


Dave has a keen interest in product development and management. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba. Dave enjoys balancing design variables to provide effective HVAC solutions. He draws from his experience as a Design Engineer to aid in the ease of manufacturing.

David Newton

Product Development Team Lead

Steve has a passion for innovations that promote healthy living environments and sustainable development. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University and studies product development and entrepreneurship in a Master’s degree program at the University of Toronto. Steve brings experience in both systems design and project management from his previous roles as Mechanical Consultant and Project Coordinator to the Oxygen8 team.

Steve Lancefield

Product Development Engineering

Originally from Ireland, Laura is a motivated and ambitious professional with a passion for design and development. With a background in biopharmaceuticals, sustainability and mechanical services, Laura bring a unique set of skills and experience to the Oxygen8 team. She earned her BEng (Hons) degree in Biomedical Engineering from Cork Institute of Technology. Outside of work, Laura enjoys hiking, running, powerlifting and baking.

Laura O'Mahony

Product Development Designer

John joined Oxygen8 to be a part of our mission to provide environmentally friendly and innovative technology to customers by utilizing his specific CAD skills. He has a passion for the continuous development of his unique skillsets and mechanical knowledge.

John Kim

Product Development Designer

James applies his skills in product design and testing with strict adherence to industry standards and processes. As a mechanical engineer, James sees great satisfaction in decomposing a problem to its various inputs and finding a clever solution. James spends his free time hiking, rock climbing, and camping. It is his interest in nature that makes James passionate about the sustainable energy industry; he wants to help deliver solutions to ensure that future generations have the same ability to enjoy the outdoors as he has.

James Atkinson

Product Development Designer

Israel is an Electrical Engineer with a strong background in controls, product training development and automation in the HVAC industry. He is skilled in lending commissioning and equipment support and serving as a technical product ambassador. He has served several years in a field-office combination, staying at the forefront of rapidly evolving technology, and providing key feedback to maintain competitive advantage.

Israel Piantini

Controls & Commissioning Engineering

Adam has a passion for assisting development in eco-friendly, sustainable businesses, having most recently worked at a start-up for plant-based proteins and bio-mass green energy production. Holding a CCLP designation and an MBA candidate with a background in lean / agile supply chain and operational excellence, Adam is excited to join the Oxygen8 team in the role of Production Manager.

Adam Todd

Production Manager

Originally from the Czech Republic, Petr began is career in the HVAC industry in 2010. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Ostrava, and participated in a Masters Degree program with a Process Engineering specialization. Petr’s love for solving prototype challenges and working on technological innovations and passion for sustainability has made him a great contribution to the Oxygen8 manufacturing team.

Petr Mikula

Manufacturing Engineering

Daniel joined the HVAC industry in 2018 developing novel HVAC systems for research and brings manufacturing and prototyping experience to Oxygen8. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University and uses his knowledge and skills to advance climate-friendly, healthy HVAC solutions. Daniel spends his free time playing ultimate frisbee, gardening, and volunteering with community agriculture projects.

Daniel Robinson

Manufacturing Engineering 

Bryan Abueva


Trixie Miranda


Lear Evangelista


Jithin Cheran