Ventum Lite – High Efficiency DOAS for Schools and Offices

Ventum Lite ISO

High-efficiency Counter-flow Core Heat Exchanger

MERV13 Filter (OA)

Single Wall Casing with 1" Fiberglass Board Insulation

Pre-Installed Mounting Bracket


MERV8 Filter (RA)

HRV Drain Connection

High-Efficiency Solution

Ventum Lite features variable speed plenum ECM direct-driven fans with low energy consumption and insulated walls for a high-efficiency solution. The counter-flow core allows for high sensible energy recovery with no moving parts or cross-contamination.

Healthy Air for All

Ventum Lite uses 100% outside air with no recirculation. The high efficiency counter-flow core has an outdoor air correction factor (OACF) of 1.0 and an exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR) of 0.1% tested to AHRI 1060.


ECM fans are wired to a factory-installed terminal strip, all other controls are by others.

Low Profile

Ventum Lite has a low profile design of 16”, making it the ideal solution for in-ceiling design and retrofits. The units frees up valuable roof space with decentralized indoor ventilation and adds floor space by eliminating vertical duct runs.


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