Terra – 100% Outside Air Solution with VRV Integration

Without Energy Recovery

1" Foam Injected Casing

Factory-Integrated Controls

High-Efficiency, Variable Speed ECM fans

MERV 13 Filter

Factory-Mounted DX and Optional Hot Gas Reheat Coil

All Electric Solution

Terra helps to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, while bringing 100% fresh outside air into the space. Terra integrates with Daikin’s VRV technology for accurate temperature or temperature and humidity control all year round. The Terra unit, Daikin controller(s), and optional electric pre-heater can all be powered from a single-point power connection.

Low-Profile Split Solution

Terra units have a 18 – 24” depth and 450 – 4,800 cfm range. The modular split configuration allows the 100% outside air solution to be installed indoors, within the ceiling plenum, freeing up valuable roof, floor, and/or mechanical room space while providing better air control to zones.

Accurate Temperature and Humidity Control

With Daikin VRV heat recovery systems both leaving air temperature and humidity can be controlled accurately.

Easy to Select and Install

With Oxygen8’s intuitive selection software and pre-selected standard coils, (matching Daikin’s selection parameters and specifications), Terra selection is quick and easy. The low-profile design makes installation and commissioning seamless.

Integrated Controls

Factory-mounted controls integrate seamlessly with BMS or operate independently, with over 75 built-in control functions including discharge air temperature and humidity control, weekly schedules, and dirty filter alarms.

In the Field

DOAS with HGRH for office application

 DX and HGRH for retail application

DX and HGRH for southern fire station


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