Innovative Fitness

West Vancouver, BC



Project Requirements

> Low Profile Solution
> Improve Occupant IAQ
> Integrated Controls
> High-Efficiency Solution

Ventilation Solution

Ventum H15


The fitness studio was had a poorly ventilated space for clients and employees, and no clear solution to the problem. The studio required a low time and financial investment, cost savings with minimal impact on workout space, improvements to occupant wellbeing and experience, and most importantly a safe and healthy space.

Originally, 400 cfm of unfiltered outside air was drawn into the space through a bulkhead with a maximum occupancy of ~26 people (about 15 cfm/person). The fan was in place to pull outside air into the space, however, it had been unknowingly inactive, meaning that the fresh outside air being delivered to the space was negligible.

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Since taking the steps to improve the ventilation of Innovative Fitness, the studio has had no viral outbreaks and has reported significantly improved indoor air quality. This was a highly successful application for Ventum. The transformation of the studio space to a safe and healthy place for clients and employees highlights the importance of introducing fresh air into buildings.

Read the White Paper

Learn more about the steps taken to improve the indoor air quality at Innovative Fitness in West Vancouver, BC.


With the help of with local mechanical contractor, EAS Eco-Air Systems, the Ventum unit was installed at Innovative Fitness West Vancouver.

For minimal impact on business operations and a reduced time investment, the studio was able to safely operate while installation took place. To do so, Oxygen8 and Eco-Air performed work during non-peak hours and after closing. The installation team cordoned off small areas on the fitness studio floor to install the Ventum unit, leaving ample space for clients and trainers. Special provisions were made to minimize disruptions from construction by-products such as noise and dust.

At the beginning of April 2022, the Ventum H15 ERV was fully installed and operational – delivering 1350 CFM at six air changes per hour of pre-conditioned fresh air directly to the occupants of Innovative Fitness West Vancouver.

Finding the Right Solution

Oxygen8 worked with Innovative Fitness West Vancouver and a local engineering firm, Integral (Introba) Engineering, to determine the optimal installation location for the Ventum H15 unit. The low-profile depth (18”) of the ERV allowed the unit to be ceiling mounted. This helped to minimize the amount of space used by the unit, and to make it a center showpiece of the room.

Initial monitoring uncovered the current 400 CFM was both negligible (due to the fan not working) and insufficient for the operations of the studio. At 400 CFM, there were under two Air Change Hours (ACH) of fresh air. By replacing the outdated HVAC system with a new Ventum unit, Oxygen8 aimed to achieve the ideal six ACH by providing up to 1350 CFM of fresh air.

Traditionally, adding additional CFM into a space results in higher costs due to large unit sizes, inefficient fans, maintenance, and the conditioning of outside air. Ventum uses energy recovery technology that can recover up to 80% of the sensible and latent energy from the exhaust air, which is used to pre-condition the incoming outside air. Ventum is equipped with high-efficiency fans, and a counterflow ERV core with no moving parts, resulting in minimal energy use and maintenance. With these cost savings, Innovative Fitness can focus resources on growing their business.