Vita High Efficiency HRV with Counter-Flow Heat Exchanger

Vita HRV Product

HRV Counter-Flow Core

Integrated Controls


Drain Pan

ECM Fans

Integrated Balancing Damper

Heat Recovery Ventilators, or HRVs use the heat from exhausted air to warm up incoming fresh air. The high-efficiency enthalpy core transfers heat from the outgoing air stream to the incoming air stream, via a series of alternating passages. As the streams move through the unit, heat is transferred from the warm side of the passage to the cold, without ever mixing the airstreams. When an HRV system is balanced correctly, the exhaust and supply airflows are equal. The goal of balancing an HRV is to ensure the ventilation system in the home is nether pressurizing or depressurizing the space.

Vita HRV is designed to bring fresh, filtered outside air into the home, while exhausting stale and contaminated air out. The system features a durable, long-lasting and highly efficient cross-flow heat exchanger core and provides an energy efficient means to remove indoor air pollutants and improve indoor air quality. Vita is engineered with built-in true automatic electronic air balancing technology, which does not require any balancing after installation and provides constant airflow on every floor. The tilted core provides maximum drainage to improve the efficiency of the unit.

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Product Capabilities

High Sensible Recovery 82% SRE at 64 cfm

Low Fan Energy <0.5 watts/cfm at 64 cfm (ECM fans)

Low Profile Compact Design 9.25″ depth x 21″ length x 20″ width

Wide Airflow Range 30 – 137 cfm

Weight 37 – 39 lbs

Product Highlights

Optional MERV13 Filter
Variable Multi-Speed Operation
Wall or Ceiling Application
Low Leakage: 0.023 EATR
Fan Cycle Defrost
Field Balancing Ports
Drain Required

Vita HRV Room Cutouts

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