Nova ERV for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Nova Front View Vertical

Cross-flow polymer
membrane recovery core

Outside Air MERV 13 Filter

Return Air MERV 8 Filter

Fully Integrated Controls

1" double-walled mineral
or Rockwool filled casing

High efficiency,
variable speed ECM fans

Relative Humidity, Temperature
and Pressure Sensors - Integrate
with CO2 and VOC sensors

Nova is an all-electric energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, that helps to lower the carbon footprint of buildings. The unit is AHRI-1060 certified with a cross-flow enthalpy heat exchanger to transfer heat and humidity.

The High-Efficiency Solution
The unit features variable speed plenum ECM direct-driven fans with low sound levels, energy recovery and insulated panels for a high-efficiency solution.

The Healthy Solution
Nova uses 100% outside air with no recirculation. The core is made of a polymer membrane with water-washability and has a mold and bacteria resistance rating of 0 under ISO-846. There is no virus cross-over: tested under ASTM F1671. EATR < 0.5% tested to AHRI 1060. The units ship with MERV 13 filters for outdoor air and MERV 8 filters for return air.

Intelligent Controls
Intelligent controls communicate between the Nova Controller, Daikin VRV Outdoor Unit and EKEXV Expansion Valve Kit. Nova integrates with Riptide, a cloud-based all-in-one solution with monitoring and control system which displays equipment control information on a customizable dashboard.

Low Profile
Nova units have a 16 – 30” depth and 325 – 3500 cfm range. The low profile design allows units to be hung in the ceiling, mounted on the wall or floor-mounted. The units free up valuable roof space with decentralized indoor ventilation and add floor space by eliminating vertical duct runs.

The Integrated Solution
Nova integrates with Daikin’s VRV Outdoor Unit and W-Controller which comes factory-mounted to the Daikin approved DX Coil and Electronic Expansion Valves.

Nova Outdoor Unit

Roof for outdoor applications

2" double-walled panels

Outdoor air
intake hood

Base rail for roof
mount applications

Fully integrated controls

Exhaust air hood

Flexible Duct Connections


Nova Horizontal (Ceiling Applications)
Available in both left and right-handed fan orientations.

Nova Vertical (Floor and Wall Applications)
Available in both left and right-handed fan orientations. 


Nova Outdoor
Downshot connections are available.

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