Nova – ERV for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Nova Front View Vertical

Cross-flow Polymer
Membrane Recovery Core

Outside Air MERV 13 Filter

Return Air MERV 8 Filter

Fully Integrated Controls

1" Double-Walled Mineral
or Rockwool-Filled Casing

High Efficiency ECM fans

Relative Humidity, Temperature
and Pressure Sensors - Integrated
with CO2 and VOC Sensors

Nova Outdoor Unit

Roof for Outdoor Applications

2" Double-Walled Panels

Outdoor Air
Intake Hood

Base Rail for
Roof-Mount Applications

Fully Integrated Controls

Exhaust Air Hood

All Electric

Nova is an all-electric energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, that helps to lower the carbon footprint of buildings. The unit is AHRI-1060 certified with a cross-flow enthalpy heat exchanger to transfer heat and humidity.


The unit features variable speed plenum ECM direct-driven fans with low sound levels, energy recovery and insulated panels for a high-efficiency solution.

Intelligent Controls

Intelligent controls communicate between the Nova Controller, Daikin VRV Outdoor Unit and EKEXV Expansion Valve Kit. Nova integrates with Riptide, a cloud-based all-in-one solution with monitoring and control system which displays equipment control information on a customizable dashboard.

Healthy Air

Nova uses 100% outside air with no recirculation. The core is made of a polymer membrane with water-washability and has a mold and bacteria resistance rating of 0 under ISO-846. There is no virus cross-over: tested under ASTM F1671. EATR < 0.5% tested to AHRI 1060. The units ship with MERV 13 filters for outdoor air and MERV 8 filters for return air.

Low Profile

Nova units have a 16 – 30” depth and 325 – 3500 cfm range. The low profile design allows units to be hung in the ceiling, mounted on the wall or floor-mounted. The units free up valuable roof space with decentralized indoor ventilation and add floor space by eliminating vertical duct runs.

Integrated Solution

Nova integrates with Daikin’s VRV Outdoor Unit and W-Controller which comes factory-mounted to the Daikin approved DX Coil and Electronic Expansion Valves.

Flexible Duct Connections


Nova Horizontal (Ceiling Applications)
Available in both left and right-handed fan orientations.

Nova Vertical (Floor and Wall Applications)
Available in both left and right-handed fan orientations. 


Nova Outdoor
Downshot connections are available.


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