Ventum+ High-Efficiency Modular Counter-flow Core H/ERV

Stacked Counter-flow Core

Hydronic or Electric Heat Module

VRV Controller

Daikin HGRH, DX, Chilled/Hot Water Coil Module

ECM Fans

Fan/Filter Module

Curb for roof installation

Energy Efficient

Ventum+ features variable speed plenum ECM direct-driven fans with low energy consumption and insulated panels for a high-efficiency solution. The counter-flow core allows for high sensible (HRV) and latent (ERV) energy recovery with no moving parts or cross contamination.

Healthy Buildings

Ventum+ uses 100% outside air, with an option in the future for recirculation. The counterflow ERV core is made of a polymer membrane with no virus cross-over: tested under ASTM F1671. The units ship with MERV 13 filters for outdoor air and MERV 8 filters for return air.

All Electric

Ventum+ helps to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, while bringing 100% fresh outside air into the space. Ventum+ integrates with Daikin’s VRV Outdoor Unit for temperature and humidity control all year round. Ventum+ integrates with heat-pump chillers using hydronic coils and valves

Modular Design with Wide Airflow Range

Ventum+ units have a 1,200 – 10,000 cfm range. The units are shipped in smaller modules for indoor installations and can also be mounted on rooftops with horizontal or down discharge.

Integrated Solution

Ventum+ integrates with Daikin’s VRV Outdoor Unit and W or D-Controller which comes factory-mounted to the Daikin approved DX Coil and Electronic Expansion Valves.

Accurate Temperature and Humidity Control

With Daikin VRV heat recovery systems both leaving air temperature and humidity can be controlled accurately.

In the Field

4,000 cfm for school renovation

Factory installed controllers and coils

10,000 cfm in new office space


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