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Download the resources below to learn more about Oxygen8’s unique product offerings, capabilities and applications.

Nova Brochure - Resources
Nova Low Profile ERV Brochure
VRV-Int-Guide - Resources
Nova + VRV Integration Guide
Sequence of Operations - Nova

Technical Documents

Read white papers, studies and download technical documentation.

Ventilation-Recovery-Study - Resources
Centralized vs. Decentralized Ventilation Study
Oxygen8 Master Spec
Oxygen8 Master Spec for Nova
Vita HRV Technical Sheet
Vita HRV Technical Sheet
Nova Installation Manual
Nova Installation Manual

Industry Resources & Downloads

Associations of Cognitive Function Scores with CO2, Ventilation and VOC Exposures in Office Workers

“The indoor built environment plays a critical role in our overall well-being because of both the time we spend in doors and the ability of buildings to positively or negatively influence our health…”

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British Columbia Building Electrification Road Map

“Electrification is recognized by all levels of government as a critical strategy for decarbonizing BC’s building sector.”

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DOAS Misconceptions

“Dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) have many favorable indoor environmental quality (IEQ) attributes such as good ventilation performance and decoupled space humidity control…”

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Keep the Fresh Air Flowing After COVID-19

“Time spent outdoors and in better-ventilated buildings has been money in the bank for health and concentration…”

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Green Office Environments Linked with Higher Cognitive Function Scores

“People who work in well-ventilated offices with below-average levels of indoor pollutants and carbon dioxide has significantly higher cognitive functioning scores.”

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The Impact of Green Buildings on Cognitive Function

“The indoor built environment plays a critical role in our overall well-being. We spend about 90% of our time indoors, and buildings have a unique ability to positively or negatively influence our health…”

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ASHRAE 90.1-2016 ERV Requirements

What you need to know about the New Energy Standard for Commercial Buildings: Standard 90.1-2016

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COVID-19 and Cross-Over of ERV Cores

“With the current global pandemic ongoing, concerns have been raised about the potential for airborne contamination of viral particles through ventilation systems…”

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Common Pitfalls in Design and Operations of DOAS

“A dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) uses separate equipment to condition all of the outdoor air brought into a building for ventilation and delivers it to each zone…”

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COVID-19 Puts HVAC Tech to the Test

“Health organizations around the world, including the CDC, are sending out warnings about the risk  ventilated air poses in the transmission of COVID-19. Landlords and property managers seeking to keep their occupants safe are looking at costly HVAC technology improvements. Solutions are few and far between…”

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Dynamic/Control of Droplet and Aerosol Transmission

“There is increasing evidence that aerosol transmission is a major contributor to the spread of influenza. Despite this, virtually all studies assessing the dynamics and control of influenza assume that it is transmitted solely through direct contact and large droplets…”

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ASHRAE Guidance for Building During COVID-19
The HVAC systems in most non-medical buildings play only a small role in infectious disease transmission, including COVID-19″

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West Bay Passive House Article: Rise
“We all need to do our part in fighting climate change,” says James Dean, an engineer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. For Dean, fighting climate change is not only a personal, but also a professional commitment.”

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West Bay Passive House Article: Dwell
“James Dean believes his 4,000 sq. ft. net-zero energy home is the future of construction. Situated on the southern slope of the mountains along English Bay, with three stories of wall-to-wall glass, it gathers effusive sunlight during the cooler months, reducing the need for heating…”

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DOAS Optimization with Connected Commissioning

“From classrooms to cubicles, maintaining a high standard of indoor environmental quality in varying buildings and climates is often a challenge for building designers…”


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