Modul8 – Smart Air Control Valve

Modul8 SACV

Pura ERV

Pura ERV

Disruptive Technology

Modul8 features enhanced airflow accuracy and turndown ratio and comes factory-programmed, tested, balanced and packaged, eliminating on-site balancing.

Quick Facts

Round and rectangular modules to choose from. Download the technical sheet below for specific dimensions and maximum airflows.

Modul8 is connected with Distech Controls' Eclypse Controller and seamlessly connects with Distech Controls' Eclypse-connected thermostat and Allure EC Smart Vue.

BACnet IP & WiFi connected.

Round: 10 - 27.5” L x 5 - 15.875” W x 3.875 - 15.875” D
Rectangular: 16 - 19" L x 14 - 15" W x 6 - 10" D
Airflow Range: 0 - 3,665
Weight: 10 - 35 lbs

To learn more, download the Technical Sheet.


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