VP of Engineering & Operations

Matthew Doherty has a passion for sustainable technology in the mechanical industry with expertise in carbon-neutral HVAC product design, and the development of systems that support a healthier living environment through improved Indoor Air Quality. In addition to product development and engineering, Matt drives business results through strong teamwork and leadership. He works on the leading edge of technology, utilizing IOT and the connected world to improve usability and ease of operation. 

As the VP of Engineering and Operations, Matt leads product development and oversees manufacturing operations, maintaining on-time product delivery and quality control. Matt and his engineering team continuously innovate, to evolve a product line that ensures customers have access to a complete product offering.

Matt has been an ASHRAE member since 2006. He’s held his Professional Engineering designation since 2010. He has been an active member of the AHRI Air-to-Air energy recovery technical committee. Prior to joining Oxygen8, he was the engineering manager at Swegon North America.

Outside of work, Matt stays active with his wife and two daughters. He’s an avid swimmer, golfer, cyclist, and is a bit of gym rat. Matt walks the talk, instilling his values for energy conservation and sustainable living in his daughters, to ensure a bright future for the next generation of leaders.