Inside Sales Representative

Johnnie Allan is a customer-oriented individual that engages clients to provide informative solutions when it comes to Oxygen8 products and their applications. Working as an inside sales representative, Johnnie brings a diverse background to the Oxygen8 team. He recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance. Following graduation, he worked as an associate at an investment firm, then in sales at a construction technology firm and now working with representatives across North America to promote the Oxygen8 product line. Johnnie is passionate about a clean technology future for generations ahead to thrive and learn in a sustainable environment.

Prior to Oxygen8, Johnnie competed in national and international case competitions representing his alma mater. These case competitions moulded his solutions driven mindset, but also enforced his analytical capabilities. A highlight from these competitions was when he was presenting in Rotterdam, the Netherlands to the Nike Europe executive team on how to implement operational efficiencies to ensure lead times are met with their products.

Outside of work, Johnnie enjoys the outdoors, playing cards and gardening. Whether it is hiking multi-day trails or kayaking through the BC coast, you can find Johnnie embracing the outdoors. Typically enjoying a local craft beer in between. When Spring rolls around, he turns to his green thumb where he tends to his vegetable garden.