Serena Residential ERV

Serena ERV

Cross-flow ERV Core


Drain Connection for Horizontal Installation

PSC Fans

Drain Connection for Vertical Installation

Serena ERV is designed to promote healthy living spaces for multi-family residential applications. The units are designed to provide constant fresh air to living spaces, while exhausting the same amount of stale air from the kitchen and washrooms.

For more information about the Serena ERV System and its applications, contact us at or reach out to your local Oxygen8 Representative.

Product Capabilities

Airflow S200: 200 cfm (50% TRE), S300: 300 cfm (50% TRE)

Mounting Orientation Vertical or Horizontal

Low Profile Compact Design 14.25″ depth x 26.25″ length x 24.25″ width

Weight 75 – 100 lbs

Product Highlights

Compact Units
Washable Core and Filters
PSC Fans
High Efficiency
Furnace/Fan Coil/Heat Pump Interlock
Two Speed Exhaust
Automatic Fan Cycle Defrost

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